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New mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 October, 2016
New mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 October, 2016
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Elliot Easton and BBE Offer Tone to the Tiki Gods March, 2013
BBE Delivers the Tone at Dexter's Lab Studio February, 2013
New G Screamer Gus G signature overdrive pedal January, 2013
New Blacksmith distortion pedal features potent LED-based gain with PLEX-EQ tone stack January, 2013
New 427 distortion pedal features potent LED-based gain with Constinuously Sweepable EQ control January, 2013
New Windowpane fuzz pedal delivers vintage germanium tone with silicon reliability January, 2013
New VariComp OTA compressor pedal adds Attack control to classic OTA tone January, 2013
Chris Zukas and his BBE pedals join Geoff Tate September, 2012
I AM I release new album Event Horizon with Sonic Maximizer user Jacob Ziemba on guitar August, 2012
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Power and clarity! No mud! Heavy riffs are taken to a whole new level with Sonic Stomp's BBE HD Sound technology. January, 2011
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Fresh demos for your tone: Boosta Grande - Green Screamer - Tremor. December, 2010
Get Bent! Check out the new Mind Bender demo plus a Tech Session with VP Engineering Paul Gagon. November, 2010
Check out the new Soul Vibe demo plus a Tech Session with VP Engineering Paul Gagon. November, 2010
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