New Demonstrations

Fresh Videos for Your Tone:
Boosta Grande - Green Screamer - Tremor

We've been having some fun in the BBE Sound studio and cut three new demos for your tonal taste buds. First up, we've got the Boosta Grande with some classic VH riffs to show how its clean boost fires up those tubes in the Marshall without altering the tonal characteristics of the amp or the G&L Legacy guitar. Gotta love this thing.

Next up is the Green Screamer, starting with a riff with the gain set about halfway for some choice grit, followed by a classic Zepp riff with the gain knob dimed. The Green Screamer consistently nails the best examples of vintage TS808s, plus there's real versatility that's making believers out of the most die-hard vintage TS808 fans. No need to keep buying vintage ones on eBay in search of "the one."

Last but not least, we had some fun with the Tremor. Take that haunting, cello-like riff that runs throughout The Smith's How Soon Is Now. That was done in the studio with two amps with their tremolo settings out of phase with each other. Who knows how long it took to dial in that sound. Here we've done a pretty good job copping that sensation with one Tremor, one amp, in one take. Then we moved on to something more practical, a nice clean walking riff where we switch between speed settings to show how different speeds can be used in the same passage.

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