"BBE MP is a new digital audio technology that restores the natural warmth and detail lost during digital compression, enabling the listener to hear all the energy and brilliance of a live concert."

BBE MP process integrates BBE High Definition Sound with BBE's new MP harmonic restoration function. The MP process is a technological advance developed to improve MP3 and other compressed audio signals by restoring lost harmonics. The MP process effectively adds warmth and provides a clear CD quality sound from heavily compressed material. BBE MP is being offered in addition to BBE High Definition Sound featured in premium products from Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Alpine, Pioneer, Hitachi, Sharp, Sanyo and more than 150 other manufacturers world-wide.

Available only in digital format, the BBE MP process has wide ranging applications including MP3 players, MD players, DVD players, satellite radio, telephones, computers and any digitally compressed audio reproduction devices.

Sound Enhancement and Restoration for compressed audio files including MP3 and WMA

BBE MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) Process improves digitally compressed sound, such as MP3, by restoring and enhancing the harmonics lost through compression. BBE MP works by regenerating harmonics from the source material, effectively recovering warmth, detail and nuance.

1. Wide Product Application
MP3 Player, MD Player, CD Player, Headphone Stereo, Mini-Component Stereo, Portable Stereo, Car Stereo, TV, DAB, Satellite Radio (XM, Sirius), Internet Radio, Telephone, etc.

2. Applicable Technologies
All Digitally Compressed (Lossy Compression) Audio and CD (PCM)
MPEG Layer Audio (MP1, MP2, MP3), mp3PRO, MPEG4 Audio, AAC, ATRAC (MD), ATRAC3, AC-3, DTS, DAB, Sirius, XM, DAB (HD Radio, Eureka), CD (PCM), Telephone, etc.

3. Improvements

  • Restores and enhances harmonics lost through compression
  • Restores harmonics’ phase alignment
  • Restores stereo image reduced by compression, and regains full-stereo performance
  • Reveals the delicate and aesthetically delightful details in the music
  • Restores warmth to the spoiled digitally compressed sound
  • Expands the upper frequency range by over-sampling

4. Solution
Very Simple Digital Software (1/10 to 1/100 of comparable processes)

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