BBE Feature Artist: Gus G

BBE signature artist Gus G has been wowing audiences world-wide with his heavy riffs, searing solos, and killer tone.

Earlier this year, we introduced the Gus G signature G Screamer Overdrive to our line of BBE pedals. Based on the BBE Green Screamer design, the G-Screamer incorporates a modified sequential-diode distortion circuit for more lower-mid harmonics to make Gus' humbucker-fueled solos scream even more. And as you've come to expect from BBE, the G Screamer is superbly engineered with a mil-spec circuit board, 1% metal-film resistors, high-voltage poly caps and true hardware bypass.

Gus and his signature G Screamer are capturing the attention and ears of musicians around the globe. In fact, in this month’s issue of GuitarPart Magazine (France), there is a 5-page feature on Gus and a review of his secret weapon, the G Screamer.

GuitarPart Magazine also reviewed another addition to our 2013 lineup, the Blacksmith. Based on Paul Gagon's mid-80's custom distortion pedals he hand-built for A-list rock heroes, the Blacksmith takes your distortion above and beyond the standard "11". The Blacksmith features Gagon’s LED-based gain circuit for smooth, high-output distortion and a 3-band PLEX-EQ tone stack derived from a ’69 Plexi. BBE Blacksmith: When Eleven Isn’t Enough.™

The crew at GuitarPart Magazine, loved the G Screamer and the Blacksmith. For more details, visit GuitarPart Magazine online. Don't speak/read French? Google Chrome does a decent translation job. But one thing's for sure: killer tone is a universal language.

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