BBE Feature Artist: Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall

"Without my Sonic Maximizer, I would be lost..."

Having just finished a tour with acts like Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, and Anthrax, and now headed into the studio, guitarist Matt Bachand of Grammy nominee Shadows Fall, is a busy man. Yet, somewhere in his busy life as a professional musician, he found a few minutes to talk to us about why he chooses BBE for his rig.

Currently, Matt is using a 482i Sonic Maximizer directly in front of his amp. He commented:

“With my rig, I like to keep it simple and try to go as direct as possible from my guitar to the amp. Without my Sonic Maximizer I would be lost.”

Matt also uses an Acoustimax preamp for running clean tones directly to the front of house mixer. Although Matt is primarily known in the metal world, he can also be found using the Acoustimax on solo acoustic gigs.

BBE is an integral part of all of Matt’s shows. In his words:

”BBE provides such HUGE tone in a tiny package that isn’t seen or matched by anyone else. It is a crucial part of every live performance.”

Keep your eyes open for a new Shadows Fall album and tour in the second half of 2013.

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