Gus G Demonstrates His BBE G Screamer™ Signature Overdrive

Gus G knows a thing or two about killer tone. After all, he's played the largest stages in the world with Ozzy Osbourne and his own band Firewind. That's why we were excited to find out Gus' choice of overdrive pedals was the legendary BBE Green Screamer. But Gus had ideas about how to make the Green Screamer even better, so we put him together with our own electronics mastermind Paul Gagon, and together they came up with the ultimate overdrive pedal. Here's the story in Gus' words:

"The Green Screamer was working great for me, but I had ideas about how to make it even better for my tone. Paul Gagon and I collaborated and we modified the input driver to the distortion circuit so that more lower-mid harmonics are focused where I want them. Now my new G Screamer pedal lets me drive even more harmonics, and they're focused right where I need them to be for a cleaner, tighter distortion. The G Screamer delivers explosive power with precision. It’s my new weapon. Want a killer screaming lead tone like mine? Step on a G Screamer!"

Gus has been working on his debut solo album, but took some time to personally demonstrate the G Screamer™. Check out the video below, and when you're ready for a screaming lead tone like Gus G's, stomp on a BBE G Screamer™!

About the BBE G Screamer™ Gus G Signature Overdrive: The music of Gus G and his band Firewind can be described as melodic, soaring and punishing - in short, metal masterpieces. But just as Gus is shaping the bleeding edge of metal, he is deeply passionate about its roots, as evidenced by his scoring the coveted gig as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.

Gus' gear reflects his passion, inspired by the classics and updated for a new level of sophistication and musical expression. BBE stompboxes share his ethos, born out of respect and appreciation for the classics while pushing forward, evolving the breed. Gus' new G Screamer signature overdrive is a thundering example. For years, the BBE Green Screamer was Gus' overdrive pedal of choice. But working closely with BBE's legendary mastermind Paul Gagon, Gus has now dialed in his tone still more, for solos that power his vision for the modern metal realm. More information here.