Elliot EastonElliot Easton and BBE Offer Tone to the Tiki Gods

Elliot Easton, lead guitarist of legendary New Wave rockers The Cars, is hitting the road this summer with his current project Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods.

As a seasoned musician with years of touring under his belt, Elliot understands the importance of having gear that delivers the tone he wants with the reliability he needs. Is it any coincidence that his pedal board features BBE stompboxes?

Elliot’s BBE pedals of choice are the Mind Bender and the Soul Vibe, and word is he's checking out even more BBE stomps to add to his rig.

If you have a chance this summer, check out Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods. Elliot's always made music fun, so expect a show chock full of crazy guitar hooks and luscious tones, brought to you in part by BBE.

Want to see Elliot's current pedal board? Check it out, the video opens with Elliot firing off his twang-licious solo from My Best Friend's Girl so it's worth a view just for that!