Nick Jaffe Demo's The BBE Two Timer™ TT-2 Analog Delay

Nick Jaffe is doing his thing again. And his thing is creating great demonstration videos! This time around, Nick takes a look at the BBE Two Timer™ dual-mode analog delay, explains it in detail, and gives plenty of real-life examples of the pedal in action. Take a look at the video below and find out what the Two Timer™ dual-mode analog delay is all about. And while you're at it, you can check out the G&L Tribute Series ASAT® Special that Nick plays as well as the BBE Windowpane™ Silicon Fuzz stompbox he uses for distorted tones.

Two Timer™ TT-2: Two Timer is a classic analog Bucket Brigade Delay with that warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes. Pure analog awesomeness is just half the picture, as Two Timer doubles your pleasure with two independent delay times selectable via the Time1/Time2 mode footswitch. This makes it possible to have one delay set up for a short slapback rhythm sound while another is set longer for solos.

Two Timer delivers the consistency and ruggedness that are the hallmark of BBE pedals, designed for guitarists whose gigs are as demanding as their ears. It features a beefy mil-spec circuit board with big, fat signal traces, 1 % metal-film resistors and high-voltage poly caps, all backed up by a robust, true hardwire bypass.

When you want the finest vintage analog delay experience without the headaches, Two Timer is the one.