VG360 Sonic Maximizer

Marcus Henderson on BBE Sonic Maximizers

The BBE VG360 is great for video sound signals too! Whether the source is a DVD, CD, cable TV, satellite dish or even an analog antenna, you’ll finally be able to hear High Definition Sound. Got HDTV channels? HDTV delivers better picture quality, and BBE High Definition Sound delivers superb audio quality to match!

The BBE High Definition Sound technology is famous among audio professionals for big improvements in speech intelligibility—that’s why stadiums, churches, restaurants and nightclubs the world over use BBE signal processors.


  • Video Games
  • Home Theater
  • Music Playback

Features include

  • Video Games sound effects are stunningly realistic. Take your game to the next level!
  • Dramatically improves the sound quality of MP3 and other compressed audio files
  • Speech intelligibility is dramatically improved
  • Percussive sounds such as guitars and drums as well as movie sound effects become clearer and more distinct
  • Individual instruments and voices in ensemble music retain their integrity
  • Low frequencies are well-defined, harmonically rich and can be thunderous when desired without losing their character
  • High frequencies sparkle and reveal richness in detail without becoming harsh and fatiguing to your ears


  • Frequency Response:
    • Bypass: 10Hz to 50Hz 10dBu
    • Process: Program controlled
  • Absolute Noise in Process Mode:
    • -90dBu below rated max output of 0dBu
  • THD in Process Mode:
    • < 0.025% at –10dBu level
  • Input Characteristics:
    • Input Impedance: 57kOhms
    • Nominal Input Level: -10dBu
  • Output Characteristics:
    • Minimum Load Impedance for full output level: 1kOhm
    • Nominal Output Level: -10dBu
    • Maximum Output Level: +21dBu
  • Power Requierments:
    • USA/Canada/Japan Models: 100 to 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Watts
    • Standard Model: 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Watts
  • Dimensions: 5.75” (W) x 6.25” (D) x 2.0” (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb 8 oz
  • Note: 0dBu = 0.775 Vrms



"Everything we heard from it sounded good, and it had no discernible flaws. Not many products we test can justify the same conclusions."
Stereo Review
"I heard better dynamics and cleaner sound ...restores a proper stereo imaging and separation ...15 - 20% increase in apparent openness and separation ...the results were excellent."
"Having used the BBE for a while, we've become quite attached to what it does to our music. When we take it out of the circuit, all the sparkle goes out of the sound. It's like coming back from Technicolor Oz to a drab black and white Kansas. What a difference!"
Popular Electronics
"The effect is shattering! Maybe there'll come a time when this sort of processor will be built into amplifiers...made my music sound the way that I knew it should.
Music Technology
"New layers of detail were revealed...the soundstage was deeper and more three dimensional... Proved totally attractive to these ears!"
High Fidelity, UK