382iSW Sonic Maximizer

The all-analog 382iSW combines a full-featured Sonic Maximizer with an independent variable subwoofer low-pass filter output. Applications for this versatile unit include: mobile DJ rigs, nightclubs/theaters, studios and PA systems.


  • DJ sound reinforcement
  • PA sound reinforcement

Features include

  • A full-function Sonic Maximizer
  • +20dB of output headroom
  • Unbalanced ΒΌ"/RCA I/Os
  • 108dB signal to noise ratio


  • Frequency response
    • Process mode: program controlled
    • Bypass mode: 5Hz to 30kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio
    • 108dBu process in
    • 120dBu process out
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)
    • Process mode: less than 0.1% at 1kHz
  • Maximum output +20dBu
  • Input impedance 47K Ohms
  • Nominal input level -10dBu
  • Output impedance 1K Ohms

Designed and Engineered in USA
Made in China



"The BBE beefed up the bottom end and focused the stringy overtones on a Chandler fretless bass, and added zip to a vintage lap steel. It should do the same for amplified dobro, mandolin, or classical guitar."
Guitar Player
"All of the mixes we played gained extra sparkle and clarity when processed with the BBE. It makes everything sound marvelous with virtually no effort. No kidding!"
"Transients are enhanced, becoming more tactile, more present. Nuances in the high and low end are intensified; there is an added fullness and clarity. Stereo-program becomes more three dimensional, more spacious. Dense textures become penetrable, with a more palpable space around each discrete instrument. This is powerful stuff. Maybe its voodoo?"
Home Studio Recording
"During the mad train chase - every movement of the train was extremely clear and 'near' sounding. Turn up the process control and you're on board! Crispy clear voices ... Brightened up most of the dance hits, especially improving much of the dull bass sound ...makes the spoken word sound clearer and music more 'open' "
Satellite Times