882i Sonic Maximizer

The all-analog 882i is a dual-mono Sonic Maximizer that features our fourth generation processing engine and perfectly suited for any studio, PA system, guitar/bass rig or any application that requires balanced connectivity.


  • Broadcasting
  • DJ Sound Reinforcement
  • Mastering
  • Musical Instruments
  • Tape Duplication
  • Recording
  • Professional Sound Reinforcement

Features include

A full-function Sonic Maximizer, +23dB of output headroom, balanced or unbalanced I/O, 115dB signal to noise ratio and Hard-wire bypass.

  • +4dBu balanced line (1/4" tip-ring-sleeve and XLR inputs and outputs)
  • +23dBu headroom
  • Active balanced outputs
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal


  • Frequency Response,
  • Process Mode: Program controlled
  • Bypass Mode: 10Hz to 50kHz, +/- 0.5dBu, 0dBu input
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB Process IN
  • THD, Process mode: less than 0.025% 20-20kHz
  • Bypass mode: less than 0.002% 20-20kHz
  • Maximum Output: +23dBu (may vary due to control settings)
  • Input Impedance: 14.7K Ohms, balanced 1/4" stereo phone jack or XLR jack. Pin #2 is the hot or "+" signal.
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohms, balanced 1/4" stereo phone jack or XLR jack. Pin #2 is the hot or "+" signal.
  • Sensitivity: -45dBu for maximum process
  • Maximum Process: +12dBu boost at 5kHz, 0dBu input
  • Lo Contour: +12dBu adjustment at 50Hz, 0dBu input

Designed and Engineered in USA
Made in China



"The effect is shattering! Maybe there'll come a time when this sort of processor is built into amplifiers...made my music sound the way I knew that it should."
Music Technology
"BBE increases intelligibility ...restores harmonics and improves clarity ...recaptured natural sparkle and punch."
"The BBE can be a real life saver when dealing with poor quality source material, whether it be in film/video or broadcast production, mastering or tape duplication chains."
"BBE is the most hearable advance in audio technology since high fidelity itself"
Music Connection
"BBE added an attractive layer of liveliness to pop music. There's no question that BBE adds something to almost any genre of music. Sensational!"
Car Stereo Review
"...it's awesome - making every guitar sound distinct and articulate... gorgeous, full tone."
Frets Magazine
“The Sonic Maximizer is awesome.”
Guitar Player