362 Sonic Maximizer

362 Sonic Maximizer

The 362 series delivers all the sound improving benefits of a Sonic Maximizer with the convenience of ganged-stereo operation, perfectly suited for any unbalanced studio, PA system or guitar/ bass rig application.
Freq Boost - Discontinued

Freq Boost

Mid-'60s Treble Booster The Freq Boost is patterned after a rare Treble Booster of the mid-'60s that gave many famous players the ability to add sustain, fatten and overdrive their favorite guitar amplifier.
Orange Squash - Discontinued

Orange Squash

Vintage Compression Circuit With FET Design The Orange Squash is a compressor patterned after an old favorite that levels out louder signals while boosting lower signals to provide a smooth sustain without changing the original sound.
DI-50x - Discontinued


The DI-50x is a high-quality professional-grade active DI box for touring sound applications and recording studios.
Discontinued Product Manuals


Manuals for discontinued products.