BBE Feature Artist: Gus Sinaro

Gus SinaroOver the past few years, Symphony of Malice has taken the east coast by storm with their powerful, in-your-face metal. With the recent release of their debut album, Judgement Day (The Aftermath), these up-and-comers are out to prove that they have the speed, tone, and licks to deserve respect and recognition in the music world. And of course, BBE is there to help them on their way.

Vocalist/lead guitarist Gus Sinaro can shred with the best of them, and has killer tone that could only be produced by BBE. By using the BBE Sonic Stomp in his signal chain, Gus is able to produce his heavy sound, yet maintain clarity and precision for his intricate solos.

We all love finger-blazing shredding, so get your daily fix by watching Gus’ solos in the videos below. His speed and precision will drop your jaw to the floor.

Best of luck to Gus and the rest of the guys in Symphony of Malice as you live out your dreams of being rock gods.

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