November 2002 - BBE Introduces 882i and 482i
Sonic Maximizer Processors

BBE Sound Inc has launched two new models, the BBE 882i and 482i Sonic Maximizer signal processors. According to BBE Product Manager, Judd Levison, both were designed to offer far greater strength under demanding applications such as sound reinforcement and touring.

These units, which feature a thick extruded aluminum faceplate anchored to chassis via hex head bolts, also benefit from improved graphics which are easier to read in poorly lit environments. In addition, new knurled, aluminum knobs have been incorporated for ease of control and a more positive feel, often critical to musicians, live sound mixers and DJs making fine adjustments mid-performance.

Both models employ 1% metal film resistors and military spec PCBs with extra thick traces. Further optimizing signal flow, all pots, switches and jacks mount directly to the PC boards of these units, which also feature the extremely quiet, proprietary Sonic Maximizer op amp, designed by BBE.

About BBE

BBE Sound, Inc., manufactures professional signal processing equipment used by the broadcast, recording, concert sound and public address industries and is a leading licensor of audio enhancement technologies to the consumer electronics industry. BBE High Definition Sound has been used in premium products from the world's most respected electronics manufacturers since 1988 and today virtually all manufacturers are offering products featuring the BBE trademark and technology.


For more information contact:

BBE Sound, Inc.
5381 Production Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Tel: 714 897-6766
Fax: 714 895-6728

PRESS PHOTO: CLICK HERE for a high resolution 300dpi 5" wide photo of the BBE 882

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