Guitar Player Magazine Checks Out Billie Joe's Rig - Supa Charger

Billie Joe Armstrong - Guitar Player Magazine

The November issue of Guitar Player Magazine has a feature on Billie Joe Armstrong, and it was cool to see that his stage rig has been upgraded to include a BBE Supa-Charger! BBE Supa Charger

At BBE, we know getting great sound on tour is always a challenge. No matter how good the instruments and other gear is, clean, convenient power is important to getting the best tone.

The Supa-Charger is a high-performance universal pedal power supply that features a custom-wound, "zero hum" toroidal transformer; eight outputs that are isolated, regulated and filtered, and a selectable input mains switch to accommodate 110-220 voltages, enabling the Supa-Charger to be used worldwide.

Why are more top artists are taking the Supa-Charger on tour? The unmatched convenience, flexibility and reliability of the Supa-Charger make it the ideal power solution. Night after night, city after city, country after country... when it's time to get serious, depend on BBE.

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