E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

Motor Build Gallery: June 20, 2008

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6/20/08: The motor is now together and installed. The transmission is also installed. I forgot which clutch and pressure plate the guys at CMW decided on, but I'll find out and add that info. I could have added a short-shift, but I'm not really into them. So they just replaced all bushings in the stock shifter and it feels great to me.

Here are some photos taken today. I'm very impressed with the how clean everything is and the attention to detail by the CMW guys.

Below: Look at all the new hoses! Everything is fresh and ready for lots of power.

Below: Ron Perry, a customer and total BMW freak, is the guy who personally cleaned the engine bay. RP loves details, and insisted that a new expansion tank be installed.

Below: I like how Ron Perry thinks. The fresh expansion tank is a nice detail.

Below: Now let's look under the engine bay. The E30 M3 steering rack is installed.


Below: Look at that TCD downpipe. This thing is beautiful!

Below: Ron Inchausti, owner of CMW, found that the stock radiator had something wrong with it. Anyway, a new radiator is a good idea. And with hot summers here in SoCal, plus lots of power, an E36 M3 radiator is going in.

Below: More new hoses and other parts.


Usually, right here I say "that's all for today," but that's not true this time. Progress has been made on restoring the E30 M3 suspension and brake parts. Click here to take a look.