Joe Pessia

Former Tantric guitarist and Dramagods bassist Joe Pessia splits his time between two new bands these days. Joe just completed work on the second Hurtsmile release with Gary Cherone (Extreme/VanHalen), and is also wrapping up a new CD with Badger, a project with Pat Badger of Extreme fame. But no matter what project he's working on, Joe always relies on BBE.!

"The Sonic Stomp is a MUST HAVE in my pedalboard whether I'm playing guitar or bass. For guitar, I love the way it tightens up the bottom-end on my Marshalls and on bass, it helps me dial in a fat tone without losing definition. I also love the Boosta Grande pushing the front of my tube amps. It's great for getting a bit more 'giddyup' on a solo tone or to really bring out the 'spank' in a vintage style pickup" - Joe Pessia