Jinx Jones

As a proponent of Big Twang style guitar, where rock, jazz and rockabilly all meet in an out of control musical cauldron of tasty licks and memorable melodies, Jinx Jones knows a thing or two about quality audio. That's why he loves the BBE SonixMax Pro iOS app.

"Regardless if I use my smartphone or a pad-style device, the SonicMax Pro App really unlocks the sound potential within each. As a working musician, I do a lot of traveling and the SonicMax App gives me the flexibility to get the best tone out of either ear buds or headphones as I listen to music. I also dig the intuitive controls--the ability to turn it on and off or a/b the sound (as we say in the biz) is a cool feature. The virtual knobs turn quite easily with the touch of a finger." - Jinx Jones