E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

Style 5 Wheels Gallery

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4/4/08: I figured I'd throw some pics on this page, even though the wheels aren't on the car yet. Meanwhile, I grabbed some pics of a very cool E30 cabrio with an S38B38 motor owned by Sveinbjörn Hrafnsson from Reykjavik Iceland. His car has 17x8" and 17x9" Style 5s, same as mine. Well, they were silver, as you see in the earlier pics, then he had the centers painted gold. I hope he won't mind me using his pics here until I get my Style 5s on. Until then, I want to have his pics handy to drool on. Note that he has an M-Technic II rear end. He's probably getting the rest of the kit together. I also like how the iS spoiler looks. I just bought one to go with my MTII kit. Actually, I just noticed just now he had that spoiler on there, and I'm happy to see it goes so well with the MTII kit.

Here's Sveinbjörn's car with the silver centers (That's his E500, too, I'd like to meet this guy):

Look at that rubber he's getting as he drifts this corner. He's got that S38B38 screaming:

4/8/08: Just added the pic below, thanks to twism on e30tech (thanks!):

Here's Sveinbjörn's car with the gold centers:


I don't know whose M3 cabrio this is, but it's got staggered Style 5 wheels with dark gray centers. This car is amazing. Look at that nice deep lip on the 17x9" rear wheel:

Here are my Style 5s in the garage. I took these photos in February, before the car went into Coast Motor Works for the motor build and turbo install: