E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

About this project
Updated: June 26, 2008

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Coast Motor Werk is the independent BMW shop handling the build of this project. Located in Huntington Beach, California, CMW is owned by Ron Inchausti. Ron and his crew handle all the maintainance on my BMWs, but they also like to take on big projects. Ron is the man who converted my E38 740iL from automatic to 6-speed manual transmission - a pretty big deal on a long-wheelbase E38. Brandon is the tech carrying out most of the work on this E30 project, including the turbo motor build and E30 M3 suspension/brake restoration/fitment. CMW is a serious BMW shop, clean, organized and dedicated. I'm a CMW customer, but I also count Ron as a longtime friend of mine. Check them out at www.coastmotorwerk.com

Turbo Charging Dynamics is the only North American manufacturer of turbo systems for BMW M20 and M30 motors. Todd DeHate is the man who lets us owners of '80s-era BMWs enjoy big power gains though carefully designed and tested turbo systems. This car has the TCD S-2 system with air-to-water intercooling, as well as a TCD exhaust. Check them out at www.turbochargingdynamics.com.

Lanzini Body Works is regularly featured on the Overhaulin' TV show. Owned by Mitch and Tara Lanzini, LBW is located in Huntington Beach, California. Mitch and his crew have done body and paint work for me for several years now, and LBW performed structural repairs and paintwork on the original the M-Technic II body kit. I'm sure it will look better than the rest of the car, so LBW will probably be doing some more work on this E30's body. There's no doubt that Lanzini Body Works is one of the finest shops around, doing work on some incredible street rods, vintage muscle cars and modern supercars. Though LBW has been featured in countless car mags and TV shows, Mitch and Tara Lanzini are still down-to-earth car people with the kind of enthusiasm that keeps customers like me coming back. Fantastic shop, great friends. Check them out at www.lanzinibodyworks.com.