E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

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4/3/08: The motor is out for a full refresh and installation of the TCD S-2 turbo system. I stopped by Coast Motor Work to see what Ron Inchausti and his crew have going on at the moment.

Here are some photos of the freshened block with the crank installed and the pistons going in:

Here is Ron Inchausti, owner of Coast Motor Works, having a look over the progress of the block assembly:

Here are the new pistons installed on the rods:

Here is the freshened head:

The manifold and valve cover are going to be freshened up. I think Ron's going to do them in black with exposed aluminum on the on the logo and ribbing. Here they are before that work happens:

Here are some shots of the TCD turbo and exhaust manifold:

Here is the TCD water-to-air intercooler:

Here are a few shots of all bits and pieces off the motor while the rebuild is in progress:

That's all for today.