E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

Motor Build Gallery: April 22, 2008

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4/22/08: Brandon at CMW has been building the motor and he seems pretty stoked about how it's coming together. I think he'll want to take a turn smoking the rear tires after the motor is broken-in. I'm sure at least one set of rear tires will need to be incinerated in the name of "research" ... or perhaps a sacrifice to the Turbo Gods.

As you can see in the photos, the head, water pump, timing belt, oil pump and pan, exhaust manifold and turbo have been installed:

Everyone likes to see the empty engine bay, and Brandon suggested we get this cleaned up before putting the motor in. Well, somebody should clean it up, but I'm too lazy for this. Anyway, here is the engine bay with 130,000+ miles of dirt and ancient cosmoline (or whatever that stuff is) on it:

That's all for today.