E30 325iC 5-speed

By Dave McLaren

M-Technic II Body Kit Gallery

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4/3/08: I had been watching the classifieds of some E30 websites as well as eBay in the US, UK and DE for a genuine M-Tech II body kit for a cabrio. A couple of months ago, when I decided I wanted to go with the M-Tech II kit, I saw one on Bimmerforums for sale in San Diego. I was a little slow and that one was bought. Another guy in the Northeast emailed me to say he had on for sale. Stupidly, I took a couple days to think about it, and sure enough, that one was sold. Nothing makes me want stuff than not being able to find it, except letting something go (twice!) and then not be able to find another. That's when I got hard core about searching for one.

One morning last week, I checked the classifieds on the r3vlimited and - whoa! - there was a genuine MTII kit for sale. Immediately I bashed out a private message as fast as I could, as there were already a couple of people posting questions. The seller, Funkmasta (aka Joe) called me and he was the nicest guy. He's with a company called Autobahn Sport www.autobahnsport.com , a BMW dismantler in Portland. The car had been hit in the front right, and the bumper was trashed. Joe volunteered to order me a new OEM bumper so I'd have a complete kit! I was more than happy to buy the kit less the bumper and find a replacement on my own, but Joe hung up, checked out out, and told me there were 7 new MTII front bumpers in Germany and that mine would arrive in a couple of weeks. He even got me a great deal on the part. What a great guy.

Joe posted these pics on r3vlimited (apologies to Joe for snatching his pics):

At this point, I think the MTII kit will be installed in May.